Sparse High-resolution Histograms in the Prometheus TSDB
Ganesh Vernekar & Dieter Plaetinck, Grafana Labs
PromCon NA - Online / Los Angeles, CA
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What's new on Grafana Cloud Graphite and Metrictank
GrafanaCONline - Online
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Introduction to Grafanacloud (Anthony Woods and guests)
Bigtable (Misha Brukman) - Metrictank (yours truly) - CosmosDB (Anko Duizer)
Grafanacon - Amsterdam

Panel: The future of metrics
Brian Brazil, Paul Dix, Jason Dixon and Dieter Plaetinck. moderator: Raj Dutt
Grafanacon - NYC

Next-generation alerting and fault detection
SRECon Europe - Dublin
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Next-generation alerting and fault detection
Velocity - Santa Clara

Alerting in Grafana
GrafanaCon - NYC
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Rethinking Metrics: Metrics 2.0
Monitoring NYC - NYC
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Metrics stack 2.0
nycdevops meetup - NYC

Metrics 2.0 & Graph-Explorer
FullStack engineering meetup - NYC
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Uzbl lightning talk
Fosdem - Brussels, Belgium
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Overview of monitoring software
Kangaroot showcase - Vilvoorde, Belgium