Some interesting projects I’ve worked on, roughly in order from more recent (top) to old (bottom)

  • Tapas: an open source self-improvement app, written in Flutter and dart.
  • Grafana OnCall Mobile app my first time building mobile apps, using Flutter and dart.
  • Prometheus and Mimir. If you like high performance data systems, both are fascinating, albeit complex Golang codebases. I only contributed to the new sparse histograms, and support for out of order ingestion.
  • Metrictank: Grafana’s first metrics database. Interesting Go distributed system, but eventually replaced by Mimir.
  • Carbon-relay-NG: Golang data pipeline tool. Always wanted to rewrite it to be more performant, but never got around to it.
  • Graph-Explorer Dynamic Graphite dashboarding tool with query input. People liked the power, hated the UX - rightfully so. Grafana has a 100x better UX.
  • metrics2.0: a loose set of ideas to enrich and standardize metrics. Did not go so well.
  • Uzbl minimalist browser inspired by vi and the unix philosophy.
  • I worked on the AIF Arch Linux installer and release images for a few years.
  • Stop abusing SI prefixes website. Because 1024 just ain’t 1000.