Webpages should not contain "add to Digg / Del.icio.us / Technorati /..." links

I don't like pages / articles / blog posts /.. accompanied by "Digg this", "add to Del.icio.us" or "add to Technorati" links.
Why not? Because this is meta level functionality. Not functionality of the blog/article/page in question, but on a higher level. And thus this should be handled on a higher level: the web browser. Just like we can create and manage bookmarks (I mean the old fashioned ones, not the delicious ones) in our browser: this is not the task of a web page. (we all know how silly "bookmark this" links look on a page, right?)

Whether you like these kind of services or not is up to you (personally I think the most popular content is often the most subjective, biased and close minded, not to mention too mainstream for "real" geeks but that's another story) but people who are serious about it should just make sure they can do it for any page they visit (eg use a Firefox extension to enable digging and adding to delicious) so we can get rid of this ugly clutter that is put on some pages.

I know not every browser supports this already (either by default or by extending it with (3rd party) plug-ins) and even if it is, not everyone enables this functionality, so it's a bit a chicken and egg problem.

But then again, most web2.0 people already use a browser that supports it, or will support it in the very near future, so let's get rid of this inappropriately placed meta-functionality !

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