Thesis finished

Yesterday, after a night of searching and fixing spelling errors, things that could be better explained and other small details,
I got my thesis printed and delivered the six books to my school.

I updated the masterproef page where you can now download the full 79 page report.

Thanks to Lieven for staying up late proposing corrections for my thesis. ( He knows all about how it is for a student who still has to do some work in those last few hours... hehe )
Also thanks Sander! He woke up at 7 'o clock to burn my CD's (my cd-burner is broken) and driving me to Guthorel copy center ( who offer a great service btw! And they were pretty cheap: 54 euro's for printing and binding 6 reports)
Also thanks to Stefan for burning me that extra 7th disk which - apparently - was needed instead of 6 :p

Of course I have more people to thank, but they are already mentioned in my report ;-)

Now let's hope I get some good results for all the hard work that went into this ;-)

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