Off to Toronto July 14-28, Archcon

As mentioned earlier, I'll be at Archcon in Toronto in a few weeks.
It's a very small conference, and the first of its kind. At the last FrOSCon we have been playing with the idea to hold an informal Arch conference in Europe, but those were just ideas. Dusty and Ricardo beat us with an actual implementation.
This is great, and one of the milestones in Arch Linux history. Which is why I want to be there and help making it better.

Archcon schedule. I'll be talking about AIF and uzbl.

My schedule:

  • wed. July 14: departure
  • July 14 - 21: hanging around in downtown Toronto. Not sure yet where I'll stay. probably some hostel.
  • July 21 - 28: bed and breakfast pretty close to the conference location, outside the city center
  • July 22 - 23 are the conference talks days, July 24-25 are the conference tourist days, where we'll do some touristy stuff with the conference participants
  • wed. July 28: flying back

There are many things to do in and around Toronto. We still need to make the planning, but the Niagara Falls are definitely on the list.

Finally, big thanks to Elysium Digital, a technology oriented consulting company for legal matters. Apparently they use Arch Linux for many things: on the desktop, in the server room, and in the forensic lab. They emailed me to propose sponsoring my plane tickets, and they did.

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