My projects are on github now

I've put my (somewhat interesting) projects on GitHub.
Git is a damn cool VCS for distributed development, and I think Github integrates with it really nicely, adding some useful aspects for following and collaborating on projects.
The projects I have migrated to my GitHub profile are:

  • DDM. I've been doing quite some changes on this one lately, I hope to stabilize & push soon.
  • Tracks. This is an unofficial fork with my changes to the Tracks GTD tool. (mainly adding support for the GTD collecting and processing phases). Still a work in progress. Maybe someday it will be integrated.. we'll see.
  • PHPDeliciousclient. This one I mainly added for convenience. I don't really need to work on it anymore, but it could be useful for others...

(I've also updated the "Projects" menu on this site)

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