Moving to New York City

I have a one-way ticket to NYC on Sept. 21st. Vimeo HQ is in Manhattan, and practically the whole team works in the building so it makes sense for me to relocate and join them locally. I'm looking forward to working with the colleagues face to face, but mainly I'm looking forward to the experience of living in such a different place, and exploring the US. In fact, I already have some small trips planned (Hamptons NY, camping in Pennsylvania, skiing in New York this winter) with some friends I met last year in NY. We're also looking into possibly going to California or Mexico for the holidays.
I've been living in Ghent for about a year now and absolutely loved it. I'll definitely miss Ghent, I think NYC might be a bit too hectic for my taste, but I just have to try this and see :) There's so much to learn and explore. I especially have high expectations of the music scene, which I'ld like to get involved in. (btw my ex-band is recording an EP and looking for a new drummer)

As for things in Belgium: selling furniture, moving out of my apartment next weekend, having a goodbye drink friday sept. 14th, flying a week later and returning in the summer 2013 for the gentse feesten. Maybe I'll visit sooner, depending on how homesick I get :)

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