Metrics 2.0 now has its own website!

Metrics 2.0 started as a half-formal proposal and an implementation via graph-explorer, but is broad enough in scope that it deserves its own website, its own spec, its own community. That's why I launched and a discussion group.

from the website:

We have pretty good storage of timeseries data, collection agents, and dashboards. But the idea of giving timeseries a "name" or a "key" is profoundly limiting us. Especially when they're not standardized and missing information.
Metrics 2.0 aims for self-describing, standardized metrics using orthogonal tags for every dimension. "metrics" being the pieces of information that point to, and describe timeseries of data.

By adopting metrics 2.0 you can:
  • increase compatibility between tools
  • get immediate understanding of metrics
  • build graphs, plots, dashboards and alerting expressions with minimal hassle

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