I just became a "System & Network Architect"

I just signed my contract at Incrowd, the company behind sites such as redbox and facebox.

I will be working there in a team of all young, enthusiastic people. Among those, some people are already familiar to me: my old friend Lieven (we've played in a band together but kept in touch afterwards) and my ex-classmate Jurriaan. Both of them love their jobs btw :-).

My official title is "System & Network architect".
Things I will be doing there is keeping the "lower level" (hardware, network, databases) secure, stable and performing well.
There will be quite some variety: working together with the dev-team, optimizing where possible, but also testing fancy hardware and software setups, hacking some code, deciding which routes we'll take and administering the systems.
Of course it will be in a sane environment :-) Otherwise I would never have signed.

Those who know me well will see that all this stuff is actually the kind of things I'm messing with in my spare time (among others of course), so these are things that I'm really interested in. I'm anxious to start, I even already have a few ideas in my head for stuff I want to check/propose, but of course I'll have to wait a bit: I have to finish my thesis, then exams, then (hopefully ;-) ) graduate and after a small vacation my term starts.

PS: We (I can say this now ;-) are still hiring, check our jobs page.

UPDATE: Incrowd has become Netlog

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