DDM v0.4 released

DDM v0.4 has been released.
Since the last release many, many things have been changed/fixed/added.

Here is the Changelog:

4.0 (23-9-2008)
 * new dataset types (dataset types are now: blob, buffer, cache, copy, direct, extension, selection)
 * new (default) actions (default actions are now: backup, checkout, commit, flush, restore, update)
 * actions and callbacks are addable/customizable/disableable etc
 * some actions for certain dataset types are now implemented that weren't before (see manual)
 * better choosen commandline switches. especially needed for specifying (custom) actions.
 * ddm follows XDG basedir spec now (http://standards.freedesktop.org/basedir-spec/basedir-spec-0.6.html).
   This affects the location of ddmrc and plugins (read on)
 * datasets can have arbitrary names now. (so it's also fully compatible with the XDG usedir spec now http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/xdg-user-dirs )
   In some cases you do need to make up for this by specifying one or two vars in the .ddm file. See manual.
 * possibility to create plugins.
 * 2 plugins come by default now:
   - slidewindow (old function pluginized now)
   - get_exaile (supposed to populate selection with favorite/most-played/... music according to the exaile
   music player database). this plugin is still *work in progress*
 * slidewindow is more flexible now (configurable subpaths, regex grepstring, ...) *api has changed*
 * pretend mode
 * validators for actions, repositories and datasets
 * new, better and more generic wrappers for rsync, svn, rm, cd, mkdir and 'keep'
 * refactored exit codes
 * better validation, error handling, help information
 * better documentation (MANUAL, examples, ...) comes with sources now + can be seen online @ http://github.com/Dieterbe/ddm)
 * lots of changes and fixes big and small

The ddm project on github has now 2 branches:

It now also comes with a Manual and some examples.

Have fun...

Oh and btw: It's probably not bug free (especially the slidewindow code)

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