Bye, Google sandbox!

Today I'm finally out of Google's Sandbox.

Google has this system called the sandbox where new pages go into for 6 months, in order to prevent scammers/spammers from resurrecting dummy pages - and scoring well in Google - all the time.
During these 6 months a page will score very bad in search results, even if it should rate very well for the specific keywords.

Smart people will look at my first post, dated 03/04/2007, but keep in mind that before this blog existed I already had a dummy page with my name on (the keywords I want to score on) as soon as I could because back then I already knew I wanted to put a blog here and I wanted to get out of the sandbox as soon as possible.

I know some people who kept forgetting my URL and didn't find it in Google, well, you will find me now!

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