Blog moved

This blog now runs on Pyblosxom on Lighttpd on my new Linode machine.
The moving/conversion process wasn't as smooth as I thought it would be as I needed to work quite a bit on pyblosxom and implement some new plugins to get certain features working (like syntax highlighting).
Also, my previous hosting provider removed my account before the contract expired.
But luckily I managed to restore everything and all should work pretty much as before, in particular:
Rss feeds should still be working on the old urls and the same GUID's are used to avoid spamming anyone, syntax highlighting of all old entries and comments works, but not yet posting highlighted code in new comments.

In related news: pyblosxom has improved quite a bit and is nearing a 1.5 release.
The drupal-to-pyblosxom tool is now quite polished and comes with a bunch of "check whether everything is ok" scripts.

If you notice anything funny, let me know.

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