AIF automatic lvm/dm_crypt installations and test suite

We're working hard on a new Arch release. (should be done by froscon)

Amongst the slew of fixes and improvements there are also some cool new things I'm working on.
First of all, I worked more on the automatic installations. Now you can easily install an LVM based Arch system on top of dm_crypt for example.
You type this command:

aif -p automatic -c /usr/share/aif/examples/fancy-install-on-sda

And bam you have a complete working system with LVM, dm_crypt etc all set up. You just need to change your keymap, hostname, network config and such (or, configure that on the beforehand in the config file for AIF)

Another thing I started working on is a very simple test suite.
Basically, when launching a test, the following steps are invoked

  • installation of an arch system with aif's automatic procedure using a certain config file
  • installation of a verification script onto the target system and configuration of the target to run the script on boot (DAEMONS variable in /etc/rc.conf)
  • if aif ended succesfully: automatic reboot.. and tada!

The verification script will check things like availability (and size) of LVM volumes, amount of swap space, keyboard layout, network and so on.
Here's a picture of a rough first version:

Stay tuned!

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