A script that pulls photos from facebook

Fbcmd is pretty cool.
I quickly hacked this script together which pulls all photo albums from friends on facebook, so I have them available where I want. (It should also pull your own albums, but I don't have any so I can't check that)
Maybe there are better ways to do this. I looked at fbfs but it looks a bit weird. I have no idea what the corrupted images fuss is all about.


[ -d $cache ] || mkdir $cache
[ -d $cache ] || exit 2
#fbcmd=`which fbcmd`
fbcmd='php /home/dieter/fbcmd/fbcmd.php'

echo "Fetching info about friends and myself .."
$fbcmd FRIENDS -csv | tail -n '+2' > $cache/fb-users # ID NAME
$fbcmd WHOAMI  -csv >> $cache/fb-users

while read line
        uid=`  cut -d ',' -f 1 <<< "$line"`
        uname=`cut -d ',' -f 2 <<< "$line"`
        echo "Fetching list of albums for user $uname ... "
        $fbcmd ALBUMS $uid -csv | tail -n '+2' > $cache/fb-$uid-albums #OWNER_NAME AID NAME SIZE
done < $cache/fb-users

for i in $cache/fb-*-albums
        while read line
                oname=`cut -d ',' -f 1 <<< "$line"`
                aid=`  cut -d ',' -f 2 <<< "$line"`
                aname=`cut -d ',' -f 3 <<< "$line"`
                asize=`cut -d ',' -f 4 <<< "$line"`
                echo "Fetching $oname album: $aname"
                $fbcmd APICS $aid $dir -psize=1 -af="$oname-$aname/[pid].jpg" -pic_skip_exists=1
        done < $i

Here's a picture from Counting cows I grabbed from Lievens album.

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